Best cold snacks to “beat the heat” of Hanoi’s summer (Part 1)


Summer is the best season to go beaches or resorts in high mountains to avoid the hot weather. This is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy a lot of special summer dishes and specialties.

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White Jelly Cubes Sweet Porridge

The first summer dish we want to introduce in this article is the white jelly cubes sweet porridge. White jelly cubes sweet porridge appeared and started to be famous from last summer, and this year, it is still attractive in the hot summer days. The cool and fragrant cubes of white jelly (made from milk), the aroma of grapefruit flowers, the freshness of fruits, and the nutty flavor of almonds make white jelly cubes sweet porridge famous for the delicious taste, the cooling effect, and health benefits for human beings.

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Douhua – Soy Milk

Douhua soy milk is a popular and familiar rustic dish simply made from soy milk, Douhua, together with some pieces of black jelly. There are also many other variations of this dish which are a little bit more complex, such as soy milk coffee, soy milk carrot, soy milk chocolate… Douhua soy milk is cool, delicious, and especially cheap so this is always among the best Vietnamese summer dishes that people should try when coming to Vietnam.

Avocado Sweet Porridge

This is a new dish which is exclusive and belongs to the diner in 245 Xa Dan Street, Hanoi. A bowl of avocado jelly actually just consists of a cylindrical piece of avocado jelly with the cool green color, served with coconut milk and milk. This sweet porridge is made from fresh avocado slices grinded with black jelly leaves and milk, so it still keeps the natural and slight flavor. Avocado sweet porridge is very cool, delicious, and nutritious, so it will be a wonderful choice for hot summer days.

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Coconut Ice-cream

This ice-cream is stored in a big coconut with copra and fresh julienned coconut with dried fruits sprinkled on the surface. This ice-cream is fragrant, cool, blended with the freshness of coconut, giving you a brand new refreshing experience. Coconut ice-cream is not very cheap. However, you can make this dish at home to save money and eat whenever you crave.

Yogurt With Jackfruit

Like white jelly cubes sweet porridge, yogurt with jackfruit has come as a storm in summer since the previous year. Just mix yogurt with fresh jackfruit, “tran trau”(tapioca balls), jelly, syrup, and condensed milk, and you will have a bowl of delicious yogurt jackfruit which is very cool and not expensive to enjoy. Yogurt with jackfruit now appears in almost every sweet porridge diner in Hanoi so that you will not lose too much time to find.

Yogurt with jackfruit (via YouTube)

Sweet Sticky Glutinous Balls And Green Bean Sticky Glutinous Balls

Sweet sticky glutinous balls and green bean sticky glutinous balls (“Banh Troi” and “Banh Chay”) were originated in China. They are the two traditional cakes in Northern Vietnam. These two cakes usually go together, especially popular in the Cold Food Festival in lunar March 3 annually. This day is also called “Banh Troi and Banh Chay day”.

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