Best cold snacks to “beat the heat” of Hanoi’s summer (Part 2)


The coldest, sweetest dishes are considered the best treats for hot summer days in Hanoi and Vietnam. Here are the next dishes in the list 20 Vietnamese dishes for summer we’d like to introduce to you.

>>Best cold snacks to “beat the heat” of Hanoi’s summer (Part 1)

Sweet, Sour, Spicy Fruit Mixed

When the summer comes, there are many kinds of fragrant fruits in Northern Vietnam. Therefore, the “followers” of sweet, sour, spicy fruit mixed have favorable condition to enjoy many dishes, such as sweet, sour, and spicy dracontomelon, mango, plum, and pineapple. These dishes are sold in form of small pieces or thin slices. This is one of the most common and delicious summer dishes in Vietnam which are very cheap and enjoyable. This dish is also very simple to make at home with available ingredients which can be bought in any food store or supermarket with ease.

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Green Bean Porridge Served With Salted Eggplant

There is a very special porridge in Vietnam which is eaten a lot in the summer – the green bean porridge served with eggplant. People can also serve this dish with ried tofu dipped in fish sauce with scallion.

A bowl of porridge like this is sold at a very affordable cost. This dish is usually served in the evening as a delicious snack which is very good for the digestive system. You can find a lot of green bean porridge diners on many streets in Hanoi. Or else, why don’t you try making it yourself at home? The ingredients for this dish are very simple, and everyone can make this dish to enjoy in hot summer days without meeting any difficulty.

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Yogurt With Fruits Mixed

According to the advice of many professionals, breakfast plays a very important role in providing our body abundant nutrients and essential energy for daily activities throughout the day. Besides these main dishes, side dishes are very delicious and nutritious, contributing to give you inspiration to greet the new day. In summer, many Vietnamese people would like to eat yogurt with fruits mixed, and this is actually one of the best Vietnamese summer dishes you should try!

Seaweed Jelly With Longan

This dish is also one of the best summer dishes in Vietnam which is very delicious and nutritious. The seaweed jelly is brittle and chewy cooked with dried sweet and fragrant longan, making this dish really tasty and attractive. It can also help to lower body heat in summer as it is served with cool ice.

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Vietnamese Sour Sweet Salad With Dried Beef

This dish named Vietnamese sour, sweet salad with dried beef, but we cannot forget to mention an indispensable ingredient – julienned green papaya and carrot. Beef will be dipped carefully in spices (sugar, chilli powder), and then baked until it becomes brown-red (it will look spicy). Dried beef will be teared into thin fibers. Vietnamese sour sweet salad with dried beef is a rustic street dish which is very popular in Vietnam. Making this salad is also very simple as everyone can make at home without meeting any difficulty. Hanoi’s sour sweet salad with dried beef is very delicious and comes with so many eye-catching colors.

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