Best cold snacks to beat the heat of Hanoi summer (Part 3)


In the hot days of summer, it will be great if you have chance to enjoy these wonderful dishes:

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Coconut Jelly

As everyone knows, coconut is very good for health, skin, and the digestive system. Coconut water is used not only to drink but also to make coconut jelly (coconut seaweed jelly). This summer dish is not only delicious but it also can “cool down” the body heat in hot summer days.

Banana ice-cream

Banana ice-cream (via kham pha mon ngon)

Summer is coming so close, and banana ice-cream is another cool snack introduced in this article. This delicious ice-cream comes with the cool sweetness of banana, coconut, and the juicy aroma of roasted peanuts. In addition, this dish is very simple to make right at your own home with easy-to-find ingredients. Try it yourself!

Lemon Crushed Ice-cream

This is also one of the best summer dishes in Vietnam that tourists should try once in hot summer days, especially when coming to Hanoi. In fact, this dish is very simple with easy to find ingredients. However, the taste of this ice-cream is wonderful. It is cool, sweet, and it comes with the slight fragrance of crushed lemon shell, as well as the sourness of lemon juice.

Yogurt With Fermented Purple Sticky Rice

Yogurt mixed with fermented purple sticky rice (via

Yogurt mixed with fermented purple sticky rice, coming with some cool crushed ice, will bring about an enjoyable summer dishes which you will remember as long as you taste it once. The sourness and spiciness of the fermented purple sticky mixed with the limberness and the fragrance of yogurt will help to “cool down” hot summer days effectively.

Corn Milk

Creamy, delicious, and greasy corn milk is a popular refreshing drink in hot summer days in Vietnam. Corn milk is very common because it is not only delicious but also nutritious as a glass of corn milk provides about 18.4% of the fiber necessary for the body per day. This dish is very good for health as people should drink it in a regular basis, especially in the hot summer weather. You can also make creamy and sweet corn milk at home without meeting any difficulty because the infredients for this dish are also very easy to find in any food store, market, or supermarket in Vietnam.

Corn Milk (via

Aloe Vera Green Bean Sweet Porridge

Aloe vera is preferred because of its health benefits. Aloe vera can help people deal with many health problems, such as liver disease, stored body toxins. It can also help you have beautiful skin. Therefore, women extremely prefer refreshing dishes made with aloe vera, especially in hot summer days. Another great advantage is that aloe vera is also very useful for people who want to lose extra weight. Aloe vera green bean sweet porridge is one of the most delicious Vietnamese summer dishes which can help you get refreshed mentality and ruddy white skin. Cooking aloe vera green bean sweet porridge is also not complicated, and the ingredients needed for this dish is extremely easy to find.

Sugarcane Juice

When the weather turns hot, nothing is better than drinking a cool glass of sugarcane juice with crushed ice. Sugarcane is pressed out by a machine to take the juice to drink directly without anything added. Or else, people can enjoy sufarcane juice with a little squeezed kumquat juice for more delicious taste. Sugarcane juice shops can be found on any street around Hanoi in summer. The sellers often pour sugarcane juice into a small bag or box to make it more convenient for customers to take the juice away.

Sugarcane Juice (via Cai???c An toàn thai??i??c pha?i??m)

Lemon Tea

Since some recent years, lemon tea has become a popular drink which is sold on every sidewalk in Hanoi. Lemon tea is prepared by adding lemon juice and sugar to dried green tea. The bitterness of tea mixed with the sourness of lemon and the sweetness of sugar make this dish one of the most palatable summer dishes in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi. Sellers also add some thin fresh lemon slices into the tea cup to make it more eye-catching and fragrant.

Lemon tea is associated with groups of friends gathered to talk. Just with a cup of lemon tea for each, plus a plate of roasted sunflower seeds, people can sit down and talk all the night.

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