Most famous “Banh Mi” vendors in Hanoi Old Quarter


Bread is a familiar sidewalk dish and has become an extremely unique and characteristic culinary of the people of Hanoi and Vietnam. Voted as one of the best street food in the world, in the journey to discover Hanoi, travelers do not forget to taste the bread here.

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Banh Mi 25 Hang Ca

Banh Mi 25 is placed at 25 Hang Ca Street of Hoan Kiem District. This is a pretty small stall which scores with a tasty bread and crispy crust along with reasonable prices as well as a convenient location for travelers. With prices from just 15000 VND – 25000 VND, Banh Mi 25 would be a great choice for travelers who want to enjoy the beauty of street food in Hanoi.

Banh Mi in Hanoi (via Báo Mai??i??i)

Bami Bread 98 Hang Bac

Situated at 98 Hang Bac Street, the first impression when enjoying the bread here is that it is quite brittle, not chewy like the bread in other stores. If you have not tried it, you should choose Hoi An bread because this is considered the most delicious dishes of the restaurant. Inside is the roast pork, pate, black mushrooms in addition to a little special sauce and carrot, grated cucumber to help the bread with meat not become too bellyful.

Banh Mi Pho Dinh Liet

Located on Dinh Liet Street, Banh Mi Pho Co at No. 38 is incredibly simple. The bread with familiar ingredients such as ham, pork but the bread here is quite famous with homemade ingredients. The special thing is the price which is quite affordable for a food store in the old town. With around 20000 VND – 25000 VND, you can own a hot bread extremely suitable for the cold weather of Hanoi. Moreover, you can ask a little more traditional sauce if you do not like to eat light.

Banh Mi Hanoi (via Kenh14)

Banh Mi 118 Pho Hue

Banh Mi Pho Hue is a diverse combination amongst pork, pate, and vegetables (including carrots, cilantro, cucumber…). All are put into the crispy crust. Regional differences in Vietnam also makes bread in each place a bit different. Occasionally, the inside part will have more bacon, sausages or other vegetables.

Dinh Ngang Bread

Situated on a small street Dinh Ngang, the bread shop looks simple but very crowded. It sells a variety of bread with mixed fillings, red wine sauce, fried egg rolls, etc. Mixed bread’s fillings include pate, sausage, barbecue pork, etc. and some slices of cucumber and tasty sauces. The combination of these ingredients makes the bread more delicious. It costs VND 30,000 to VND45,000/ bread.

Dinh Ngang Bread (via Hanoi Tours)

Hoa Ma Steak Bread

Hoa Ma steak bread has long become popular with Hanoi diners,with its thin sliced beef and steak. It is tastily marinated and placed on a hot cast iron pan. A full steak bread include beef, omelet, fried potatoes, salad cucumbers, tomatoes and served with delicious sauce. It costs VND 100,000.

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